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Araxie Langley

Prop or Product?

Products sexual in nature, from toys to sex cam shows, can be considered props for adult sexual and sensual enjoyment or expression. Passion Props promotes these adult only products and the opportunity that surround them. When you consider cam shows, porn videos, sexting, phone sex. hookup apps or even the your favorite sex toy as a product, you may see business opportunity. Opportunity within the adult industry to share the products people desire or develop your own adult products.

Passion Props’ Story

Initially it could have been run by an individual and simply promote affiliate Products. During the research phase we found that there was so much adult sexual or sensual related interests to promote and different programs available the opportunity became huge. So the steps to become a legitimate adult business entity started, with the goal of sustainability on a limited start up budget. Passion Props Inc was founded in 2011 and the name was trademarked in 2012.The business had developed to some extend and had implemented some successful strategies. However the efforts where put on hold.

Future of Passion Props

Moving forward, the goal is to collaborate with other open minded entrepreneurs on many levels to grow their business’ and Props Props into prosperous and tasteful adult brands.


Doug Hiltz

Founder & Owner

Passionate about startup business strategies and the development of an online presence. Knowledge of Affilate Marketing, WordPress website development, online marketing and presentation of adult content.



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Next Steps…

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